Day 41 - August 21, 2022 - Fly from Dublin to Atlanta

 Well, our adventure in Scotland and Ireland has finally come to an end.  Since our flight from Dublin Airport wasn't until noon, we had a leisurely morning.  Our checked bag had to be outside the room at 7:00 AM, so we went down for breakfast at 7:15.  Our cab ride to the airport picked us up at 8:15.  There were eight of us who left at this time.  Six of us were on the same flight to Atlanta. Check-in was straight forward, but it was a slow process.  For some reason it took longer than normal to process each passenger.  After getting our boarding pass we proceeded up two levels to security.  This also took a while.  After clearing the airport security, we had to proceed to US security clearance.  This involved another full security check, including shoes off, etc. and going before a US customs agent.  The total time for check-in and security checks was about one and one-half hours.  The plus side is that when we arrived in Atlanta, we just picked up our luggage and left, no furth

Day 40 - August 20, 2022 - Dublin

 There is not a great deal to post about today.  At 9:00 AM we boarded the coach for a 2 1/2 hour city tour.  It was interesting, but few stops for photos, so not much to share.   Ivy covered building in the Georgia Period style. A section of the original Dublin Wall dating from 1240 AD The parking area in front of an elementary school, I thought this was neat. We visited Phoenix Park, a 1700 acre entirely walled park.  The U.S. ambassador to Ireland has his home here.  There was a race of some nature taking place and runners were everywhere. Wellington Monument, not the most popular person in Ireland.  This of course was erected during British rule. Construction began in 1817 and opened in 1861.  It is 203 feet tall. The Guinness brewery, which is a very popular monument in Ireland. After the drive, we were given admission to the Epic Immigration Museum.  It is a large multimedia museum which is has been voted a top European Museum.  Personally, I hated it.  Not because of the content

Day 39 - August 19, 2022 - Dublin - Glendalough

 We were fed, packed and on the coach by 8:30 AM.  I learned the difference between a coach and a bus today.  A bus runs a regular route and picks up and drops off riders.  A coach is a hire for a specific purpose.  Denis, our guide, who has his share of Irish humor and blarney also said the difference between a coach driver and a bus driver was about 10 Euros a day. Our entertaining trip leader, Denis, who hales from Killarney in south west Ireland. Our first start today was at Avoca Handweavers Mill in Wicklow. Manual loom which was in use for production until a few years ago. One of the modern looms now in use. Following lunch at the Avoca village, we travelled another hour to the site of Monastery village of Glendalough. The countryside is stunningly beautiful here.  Glendalough is a glacial valley in County Wicklow, Ireland, renowned for an Early Medieval monastic settlement founded in the 6th century by St Kevin. The fine tower, built of mica-slate interspersed with granite is ab

Day 38 - August 18, 2022 - Wexford - Kilkenny

The photo below is a partial shot of the lobby of our hotel.  This evening after we returned from dinner, there were four security people at the foot of the stairs and a red carpet leading to the bottom of the stairs.  We decided to just sit a while and watch.  There was some event taking place in the upper level.  It may have been a high school or more likely a college affair.  There dozens of young ladies in formal attire with their escorts.  What was interesting is that two of the security people were checking ID's and issuing armbands and the other two were patting down each person before allowing them to ascend the stairs.  I really can't imagine what the girls could have possibly concealed in the tight skimpy dresses.   Today we have a 1 1/2 hour travel by coach to the city of Kilkenny.  Kilkenny is know for several things, one being the Castle of Kilkenny and another as being the location of the Smithwick Ale brewery.  The castle was first built in 1195 and Smithwick was